California, USA: Evil man gets 212 years for murdering autistic sons to collect insurance


AN EVIL dad who killed his two autistic sons in a staged car accident so he could cash in on their insurance policies has been jailed for 212 years. Cold-blooded killer Ali F.

Elmezayen, 45, received the maximum sentence allowed by law for his “evil and diabolical” actions. He drove his ex-wife and two severely autistic sons, aged 8 and 13, off a wharf, in a bid to collect the money due under their insurance policies.

The California-based dad took out $3 million of life and accidental death insurance policies on himself and his family from eight different insurance companies ahead of his sick plot. US District Judge John F. Walter, who sentenced Elmezayen, called the scheme “evil and diabolical” as well as “vicious and callous”.

“He is the ultimate phony and a skillful liar…and is nothing more than a greedy and brutal killer,” Judge Walter said.

Source: The Sun Newspaper #SmartEagles


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