Malanji Applies for Re-Adoption Under Kwacha Constituency on the Ruling PF Ticket


Incumbent Kwacha constituency lawmaker Hon Joseph Malanji has lodged in his application for re-adoption to contest as Member of Parliament on the ruling Patriotic Front PF ticket.

Having met all the requirements as per electoral guidelines, Hon Malanji made his application on Friday, 19 March, 2021.

And speaking shortly after he submitted his application, Hon Malanji who is also Foreign Affairs Minister, said there was no competition for the him in Kwacha Constituency because of the manner he has worked and the leadership offered by the ruling PF.

He cited the ongoing empowerment programs for traders, taxi and bus drivers, marketers, churches – the schools and health posts upgraded and constructed under his leadership as part of his legacy for the constituency into the 12 August, 2021 general elections.

Malanji, fondly referred to as Bonanza, said there is still much more to be done for the residents of Kwacha and he remains the best man for the job.

| SMART EAGLES | KWACHA CONSTITUENCY, Monday, March 22, 2021 |



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