Warma warns of imposters purporting as the authority’s officials installing meters on domestic boreholes


    The Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) has warned the general public and stakeholders that there are unscrupulous individuals purporting to be working for WARMA as officials installing bulk water meters on domestic boreholes on behalf of the Authority, as reported in both traditional and social media platforms.

    WARMA Public Relations Officer Joshua Kapila tells Smart Eagles in a statement that these unscrupulous individuals are taking advantage of the unsuspecting general public to enter private premises with the aim of conducting criminal activities.

    “In view of the above, WARMA would like to distance itself from such unscrupulous individuals, as they are NOT employees or agents of WARMA authorized to be conducting such illegal business activities on behalf of the Authority. On the contrary, WARMA has only directed all commercial users of water to install bulk water meters.

    THE PUBLIC IS HEREBY INFORMED THAT ITS NOT A REQUIREMENT FOR DOMESTIC BOREHOLE USERS TO INSTALL BULK WATER METERS Furthermore, WARMA would like to warn such individuals to desist from conducting themselves in such dubious and deceptive criminal activities because if caught, they will face the full wrath of the law,” he said.

    “The Authority is further appealing to the general public to report any suspected individuals involved in such illegal activities to the nearest Police Station or the Authority on: 0974-606743, 0211-251934 or Toll Free on 4422 for Zamtel subscribers only.

    Always verify with the WARMA office by using the numbers given above on the validity of WARMA identity cards.”



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