Woman spotted calmly driving Toyota Prius filled with swarm of bees


A bizarre photo sweeping the internet shows a woman driving a Toyota Prius filled with a swarm of bees.

Jocelyn Jordan snapped the woman driving the bee-filled car through Mobile, Alabama.

A wooden hive appeared to have been sat on the Prius’s back seat, with thousands of the insects filling the car’s interior while its driver continued completely unperturbed.

The woman snapped behind the wheel is even said to have been having a conversation on her phone while the bees buzzed all around her.

Jocelyn said: ‘I just about died. I understand the hives have to be transported, but surely there’s a way to keep them contained!”

‘She was just chatting in her phone like all was normal. I honked at her when I was behind her thinking I’d save (her) till I realized they were crawling all in her front seat too. I’m shook! I almost ran off the road looking.’

Bees usually only sting when they feel threatened, suggesting the woman driving the Prius was the bee’s keeper, and that they felt comfortable in her presence.

Source: Metro News



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