The people have accepted president Lungu beyond 2021- LUSAMBO


LUSAKA Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has urged President Edgar Lungu to ignore armchair critics and continue with his developmental trajectory of the country.

Speaking when the Head of State Commissioned the Munali Fly over bridge which is under the Lusaka Decongestion Project today, Hon. Lusambo thanked President Lungu for transforming the City of Lusaka.

“When you started this project, visionless leaders where doubting you. But I know that you are a very unique President. Today we are seeing the Transformation of Lusaka Province and the district in particular. You have opened up the Province Your Excellency,” He said.

Hon. Lusambo also encouraged President Lungu to ignore the opposition because the development rolled out countrywide is not tied to 2021.

“The people of Zambia have already accepted you as the next President beyond 2021. For those people who are saying you haven’t constructed a road in Dundumwezi, forget about them because you have been constructing roads in Dundumwezi, Southern Province North-western province and all other parts of the country,” He said.

And Hon Lusambo who is also the Kabushi Lawmaker also encouraged President Lungu to continue with the good works because well-meaning citizens of the country appreciate the infrastructure development the Head of State has delivered countrywide.

“Forget about distractors who are saying that you have not delivered development to all parts of the country. Development is there for all to see,” He said.



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