Stable electricity supply cheers residents


The significant reduction in load shedding hours which has resulted in stable power supply has impressed Lusaka residents.

In random interviews conducted by Smart Eagles, the residents are happy and relieved from the long load shedding hours they used to endure.

“For me, it is not about politics or campaigns because I can attest from the President’s pronouncements about reducing load shedding as a result of the massive investments in power generation infrastructure” Mr Terrence Phiri of Mtendere east has attested.

He said there is need to appreciate what government is doing by trying to mitigate the impact of load shedding as opposed to always playing politics even on matters that border on economic issues.

Mr Kabwe of Chilenje has also appreciated that load shedding is slowly becoming history and hoped that small businesses such as welding which he owns will be sustainable with such stability in terms of power supply.

“Our car wash business which is dependant on electricity supply has now improved here in Ibex Hill because power no longer goes as much as it used to in the recent past” Mr Elijah Kalilole confessed.

Meanwhile, the residents have encouraged president Lungu not to be discouraged by doom sayers whose interest in to capitalize on other people’s failures.

They have since challenged those in opposition who are pretending not to see what government is doing in the midst of unforeseen challenges such as Covid-19 to be sincere and offer effective checks and balances by appreciating the good and respectfully offer solutions where there is need.

“We had some fuel shortages for a few days which the opposition without understanding various economic dynamics ,wanted to accuse government of all sorts of things , but failed to commend them when they brought the situation under control” recalled Mr Mbewe.

He said it will be hypocritical for the opposition to ignore that President Lungu has presided over the most difficult times when Zambia for many years had been ravaged by drought as a result of climate change and also by the devastating effects of the Covid-19 which has crippled the country’s socioeconomic sectors.



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