By Joseph Simbeye (Mpika), BSc Masscom
Well, as we wait for the adoption process to be completed, its important that we put things in context. Mpika needs a breath of fresh Leadership.
Mpika needs a proactive youthful Leadership whose commitment to duty is unquestionable and whose ability to deliver the developed Mpikato all of us is guaranteed.
Let’s us look at the aspiring candidates through a lense and see their loci standing even as they aspire. We shall look at them one by one.
1. Danny Chisanga – A former MMD member. This man has been in a ruling party before and perhaps seeking power just to get back to governing position for the benefits attached to it. The man is incosistent has no marks anywhere on the ground. If an election was called to, he probably may not even vote for himself.
2. Dr Kasase Bota – A former diplomat who was recalled for having links to former foreign affairs Minister Hon Harry Kalaba now DP president. This aspirant is far from being known and wouldnt get 5 votes in Mpika, she is not popular.
3. Saxon Manda – A former civil servant who is not known even in his own village of Nabwalya. Perhaps he can begin by selking to himself so that he has a base of votes for himself in his village if he has to go for a bigger cherry. For now, the bite may harm the meal.
4.Mwimba Malama – Current mfuwe MP who has been an MP for 15 years, has been works, supply, communication and transport deputy Minister, Muchinga province Minister and now second deputy speaker who the people are saying can’t support because he has overstayed and didn’t do so much for the area when he served in various portfolios.
Out of respect, we call for him to leave the stage while people arw clapping. His usefulness has run out. What does he want to do that he couldnt in 15 years?
5. Silvia Bambala Chalikosa – She is the incumbant MP who has lost the support of the people despite having served for just a term because of her lack of public speaking skills which makes her shun to meet the people and explain her massive achievements . Her corporate Politics do not fit the constituency which needs a proactive leader.
6. Francis Robert Kapyanga –
Mpika Constituency has collectively decided to support a YOUTHFUL candidate and have rallied behind him.
He is the most popular candidate among the 10 contestants and may make the party win massively as he has massive unwavering popularity in all the wards. He has also managed to bring opposition members back to the party
The Candidate is a very active member of the Party in the Province and gives support at all levels.
The Candidate has the support of the Chiefs,the Church,Business Community,Civil servants,N.G.Os and the farmers who are bigger population and it’s easy for him to massively win without causing any voter apathy. He is proactive, pragmatic and action oriented. He is passionate about the development of Mpika and would make a good addition to Parliament.
7. Abraham Kasonde – Has totally lost even his small support base which he had in 2016. May do well to sit back for now.
8. Julius Komaki – Not known in Mpika. He is not anywhere near the ground. The party cant risk it.
9. Kennedy Chilambe – No political acumen and is known for not greeting people his nature. He is probably seeking this position to boost his business. Mpika needs serious leadership of a politician and he is not the one.
10. Arnold Kaluba – He is not known in Mpika. As much as it is free to dream, this dream is far fetched because Politics calls for Serious and Popular candidate contesting.


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