Respect ECZ – UPND told


A local NGO, Advocates For National Development And Democracy (ANDD) has observed with concern the unwarranted attacks on the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) by the opposition party UPND.

Organization Executive Director Samuel Banda tells Smart Eagles that his organization is advising the opposition political parties to respect the mandate given to the ECZ of managing elections.

Mr. Banda notes that there is need for all political players to desist from inciting doubt in the institution’s ability to manage free and fair elections.

“We wish to indicate that the opposition political parties should not expect the ECZ to create a conducive political environment for this year’s elections without a commitment to practice issue based, violence free politics. Political parties should ensure they dispense their political activities within the confines of the law and stop blaming ECZ for their own failed political strategies,” he said.

“ECZ is an independent body with a mandate only to manage elections. We believe it’s the responsibility of every political stake holder to create a conducive and peaceful environment for the dispensation of political activities.”

Mr. Banda since called for peace, love and unity, and respect of the governance institution.



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