Acquisition of Mopani is a blessing for Zambians, his Excellency President Lungu.


His Excellency President Dr Edgar Changwa Lungu says the acquisition of 100 percent of Mopani Copper Mine at a time when the world is craving for copper and cobalt for use in electric vehicles is a blessing for all Zambians.

The Head of State says this asset guarantees the nation to benefit greatly in terms of jobs, taxes and higher production.

“As shareholders, Zambians are assured of greater dividends going forward,” he says.

“More jobs will be created as more companies are now producing copper cables and copper pipes, adding value to copper.

My Government also notes the increase in the number of companies processing and adding value to manganese produced in Serenje and surrounding areas,”.

Speaking when officially opened the Patriotic Front General Conference today, he however said Government is giving support and formalisation of artisanal and small scale miners through empowering cooperatives and artisans with equipment to improve the ability to recover higher quantities of gold.

His Excellency President Dr Lungu says Government is also issuing gold panning certificates so that more citizens are empowered to participate in gold mining.

The Head of State further says a number of copper processing plants have been established in Kalulushito provide support services for small copper producers who add value and process copper ore to concentrates.

President Lungubsays from this developments, the mining sector will create more jobs and the country will benefit from taxes.



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