Patriotic front remains committed to deepening democracy for all


The Ruling Patriotic Front said it remains committed to deepening democracy in order to actualise the 5th strategic objective of the 7th National Development Plan (7NDP) of creating a conducive governance environment for a diversified and inclusive economy.

Party Media Director Sunday Chanda said the party under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu has continued to provide leadership to ensure that the above goal is achieved.

He said this is being done by improving Zambia’s policy environment, improving transparency and accountability in all areas and at all levels and deepening Zambia’s inclusive democratic system of governance.

Mr. Chanda further said the party is also ensuring improved service delivery to the people, strengthening rule of law, human rights and constitutionalism and enhancing the national values, principles and ethics.

“The Patriotic Front is pleased to note that the aforementioned strategic interventions by Government, are bearing fruit and been recognized at regional, continental and global level.

Regionally and continentally, our continent’s regional bodies and the African Union continue to hold Zambia as the bastion of peace and stability as well as one of the best shining examples of inclusive democratic systems of governance on the continent,” he said.

“At a global level, this positive recognition is evidenced by the number of international bodies placing Zambia as one of the countries where inclusive democracy is thriving. Clearly, inclusive democracy in Zambia is not being stifled as some stakeholders within Zambia erroneously insinuate, with the aim of misleading the world.”

Mr Chanda further stated that the Patriotic Front remains resolute that despite the above notable successes in the area, it shall not rest but remain extremely committed to the goal of continuously improving Zambia’s governance environment.

“Our country shall not only be a shining example worldwide, but through this process: Zambia shall accelerate the achievement of a diversified and inclusive economy towards the year 2030, while at the same time; firmly placing our nation as the unrivalled beacon of human brotherhood, peace, stability, unity and love,” he said.

Mr Chanda has since urged all citizens irrespective of political affiliation, to continue working together in order to make the above goals a reality.

“Notwithstanding of our diverse political persuasions, Patriotic Front urges all citizens irrespective of political affiliation, to continue working together in order to make the above goals a reality in our life time,” he said.



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