PF commended for promoting co-existence among political parties



Political scientist DR Alex Ng’oma has commended the Patriotic Front for successfully holding an all inclusive General Conference that saw other political parties being Invited.


In an interview, Dr Ng’oma said the kind of inclusiveness exhibited by the PF will begin to eliminate the distrust that has existed among leaders of various political parties.


He said this will make different political leaders understand that politics is not meant to divide the nation but just an avenue of pursuing choices and interests.


“What the PF did to invite leaders from other political parties is a step in the right direction. It will help politicians understand that politics is never intended to put one of them against the other,” He said.


DR Ng’oma has since urged other political parties to take a leaf from PF working together with others in pursuing the national agenda.


Some of the opposition political party leaders who attended the PF General Conference include DR Chishimba Kambwili from the NDC, Madam Edith Nawakwi from the FDD and Wynter Kabimba from the Rainbow Party.


And Dr Ng’oma has also commended the PF for fulfilling the constitutional requirement to have a convention and elect leaders.


“What the PF has done goes to satisfy the constitutional requirement that political parties have a convention before a general election,” He said.


Meanwhile, Foundation for Democratic Process Executive Director George Chimembe also commended the PF for promoting co-existence by inviting other political parties.


“We saw that they had invited quite a good number of Political parties. That is good riddance for co-existence and harmony in Zambia,” He said.




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