Zambians should say no to political surrogates – NYPAV


The Network for Young People Against Violence (NYPAV) has called on the Zambian people to reject political parties which are conniving with foreign interests to take over state power for selfish reasons.

NYPAV Executive Director Moses Kalonde said the revelations by His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu in his speech when he closed the Patriotic Front General Assembly about some opposition political parties being funded by foreign interests during elections should not be taken lightly because the nation risks being taken hostage.

Mr. Kalonde said Zambia is a sovereign state hence should be left to handle its own internal affairs without interference from external forces.

He has said in an interview that if this is left unchecked, it is tantamount to external interference which can cause anarchy and unsound diplomatic relations between the countries involved.

“The foreign entities that are involved in supporting the opposition to effect regime change must be reminded that there are Protocols signed under the Geneva Convention not to interfere in the internal political discourse between countries because doing so brings about diplomatic differences and misunderstanding between countries,” Mr. Kalonde said.

He said that the Zambian people knows what is good for themselves hence the need to reject any political party that represents the selfish interests of foreign entities.

Mr. Kalonde added that Zambia had always enjoyed peace and unity since independence and the politicians with hidden agendas will continue being rejected by Zambians because they are wise enough to know what is best for themselves.

Mr. Kalonde said the foreign entities have no interest in the welfare of the Zambian people but their interests is in treasures that they possess as a nation.

“If the opposition political parties that are sponsored by these foreign entities are to be voted into office, we risk having these entities coming to take over our mines and other natural resources as their support comes with conditions. At the end of the day it is the Zambian people who will pay the price when these people take over,” he said.

Mr. Kalonde said Zambians should support President Edgar Lungu to ensure that the country remains sovereign and continue on the path of sustainable development which has characterised the tenure of President Lungu.

“Once again let us reject the good for nothing surrogates of foreign interests in form of political parties who will do anything to get to State House just to satisfy their paymasters,” Mr. Kalonde said.



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