…as the ruling party adopts UPND’s Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa for the Nalikwanda Parliamentary Seat.

THE RULING Patriotic Front (PF) has announced the successful adopted candidates for the Parliamentary and Mayoral/ Council Chairpersons seats for Western Province ahead of this year’s August General Elections.

Party Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila said during a briefing in Lusaka today that PF has adopted incumbent United Party for National Development (UPND) Member of Parliament Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa for Nalikwanda Constituency.

Hon Mwila said others who have been adopted are Mr Kufuka Kufuka for Sikongo Constituency, Dr Anthony Nasilele Mwanaumo for Kalabo Constituency, Ms Mwangala Mwenda for Liuwa Constituency, Mr Chibiya Maliti for Luampa Constituency, Mr Marks Mbunji for Lukulu Constituency and Changamo Charles Kakoma for Luena Constituency.

The Secretary General further disclosed that other candidates adopted are Mr Godwin Putu for Mangango Constituency, Mr Hendson Mashowa for Kaoma Central Constituency, Mr Twembuchi Malikana Hastings for Mitete Constituency, Mr Gwalela Masuka Simasiku for Mongu Central Constituency as well as Mrs Albertina Poota Mwanamwalye for Mulobezi Constituency.

SG Mwila added that the party has also adopted Ms Iris Kamwi Kaingu for Mwandi Constituency, Mrs Fridah Luhila for Nkeyema Constituency, Mr Enoch Mundia for Nalolo Constituency, Mr Mwangala Liomba for Senanga Constituency, Mr Shaft Mukubesa for Sesheke Constituency, Hon. Posino Njeulu for Sinjembela Constituency and Subulwa Mbololwa for Sioma Constituency.

Meanwhile, Hon Mwila has also announced that the party has adopted Mr. Tombi Tombi for the Mongu Mayoral candidacy.

For the positions of Council Chairperson, the ruling party has adopted Mr. Namakando Muliyeya for Kalabo District, Mr Mukokwa Mukubesa for Kaoma District, Mr. Kabayo Masheke for Limulunga District, Mr. Bilex Chilemu Chinyemba for Luampa District, Mr Kalwena Kambala for Lukulu District, Mr. Namasiku Kufekisa for Mitete District and Mr. Akakulubelwa Mwilima for Mwandi District.

Others adopted for the position of Council Chairperson are Mr. Mubita Siyumbwa for Nalolo District, Mr Richard Simbula for Nkeyema District, Mr. Manyama Mundia for Senanga District, Mr. Henry Muzungu for Sesheke District, Mr Sikwela Sitongo for Shangombo District, Mr. Kalengesa Njamba for Sikongo District, Mr. Imbula Sinyinda for Sioma District and Mr. Kalaluka Sateya for Mulobezi District.

Meanwhile, the party is expected to announce the adoption results for North-Western and Southern Provinces on Saturday next week.



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