Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu is right, opposition parties cant form government – Samuel Banda


    Advocates for National Development and Democracy ANDD says the observation by retired Catholic Archbishop Telesphor Mpundu that the opposition are not capable of forming Government ahead of the August 12, elections is timely.

    ANDD executive director Samuel Banda says the agenda of the opposition political parties should be to form government for the purpose of serving the Zambian people, delivering economic and social development.

    He said unfortunately, as equally observed by Archbishop Mpundu, some opposition political parties cannot form government due to greediness and lack of a proper development agenda to serve the Zambian people.

    “As advocates for development, we have observed that President Edgar Chagwa Lungu will win this year 2021 general elections due to the massive development across all sectors and youth empowerment programs being rolled out. In addition, according to our political analysis, we wish to indicate that we have observed that the Patriotic Front party has demonstrated that they have a clear agenda to continue developing our country and most importantly, to empower the youth,” Mr. Banda said.

    “We also noted that president Edgar Lungu has demonstrated inclusive leadership which is key for the implementation of developmental programs,” He said.



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