Hon. Vincent Mwale rolls up his sleeve, offers his left arm and gets the jab


Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development, Vincent Mwale this afternoon took the Covid-19 vaccination injection at the University Teaching Hospital.

Speaking to journalists after his vaccination Hon. Mwale said the effects of Covid-19 that every Zambian has seen, should be encouragement enough for them to get vaccinated.

“We have seen what the pandemic has done, the economy has been disrupted, we have lost people that provided for their families, they were part of the labour force and part of this world, it is important that all of us take responsibility and get vaccinated.” He said.

The Minister added that the vaccine has been provided by government and is safe adding that government would not endanger the lives of Zambians by administering a vaccine that is not safe.

He also urged every Zambian to get vaccinated to ensure their safety and that of their families.

“I’d like to encourage every Zambian to take the vaccine so that we can be safe so that we do not put our children at risk, and we don’t put everyone surrounding us at risk.” He said.

Earlier Hon. Sylvia Chalikosa Minister of Works and Supply proceeded Hon. Mwale in taking the vaccine at the same centre.



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