Bangwe overhauls Serenje’s Kabwe Kupela school, won’t contest MP


    Indian based Lala Kalindula Musician Bangwe Naviley Chisenga has refurbished Kabwe Kupela School which had its roof blown off by wind in 2020, gobbling Forty Thousand Kwacha.

    Mr. Bangwe, a former QFM, Muvi TV and ZNBC Journalist turned diplomat in India told Serenje Radio in an interview that he was not seeking political office pledging to do more once President Lungu was reelected.

    In the last five years, Mr. Bangwe built a 1×3 classroom block at Kalela, a classroom block at Mailo, a classroom block at Chisomo, a classroom block at Moyenda, a borehole at Chibale Primary School, Exam Strong Room in Kabansa and desks at Chimbaya Primary School.

    Also under construction under his sponsorship was a staff house at Serenje Chiefdom Clinic and a staff house at Nakalengule clinic in Chief Mailo’s area.

    He said the Head of State had passion for the education sector and did not want to see children at home but in school.

    The Diplomat said Serenje District was poised for success if passionate young people like Projects Manager Peter Chola Mwanalesa, Aristack Kankomba and Masulani Banda could unite to refurbish the school within ten days.

    Mr. Bangwe praised Chief Chibale, Serenje District Commissioner Musonda Chunga, Serenje District Education Board Secretary Harry Silungwe, Masaninga Ward Councilor Charles Sakala, staff and the PTA at Kabwe Kupela School for the joint efforts.



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