…as Hon Bowman Lusambo reiterates that government and the church need to work closely in promoting a peaceful August 12th General Election.

THE RULING Patriotic Front (PF) Copperbelt Mobilization Coordinator Hon Bowman Chilosha Lusambo has said the government of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu remains committed to strengthening its relationship with the Church

Lusambo who is also Kabushi Member of Parliament and Lusaka Province Minister said President Lungu believes that every Zambian was equal regardless of their religious background hence government’s commitment to work with the Church in Zambia.

Speaking when he attended mass at Ndola’s Holy Trinity Catholic Church this morning, Minister Lusambo said government recognizes all Christians from various denominations as one people when delivering development to them.

“The people who are gathered here are the same ones that we provide them with schools, hospitals, roads and other forms of development as government just like you the clergy are also provide them with their spiritual needs,” Hon Lusambo said.

Minister Lusambo said his entourage was delighted to worship at the Parish because they were in the area interacting with the community but could not miss the Church mass whilst still in the area.

He has assured the Church that the PF government wants to see a transparent, free and fair election in August which should be characterized by peace and harmony.

Minister Lusambo has urged the Church to play their critical role of championing peace as the country was heading to the August polls because Zambians are one regardless of their political or religious background.

Minister Lusambo has also urged Christians to show love to one another as commanded by God in the Bible because it was only through love that peace could prevail before, during and after the August polls.

He has since advised the church not to relent in adhering to COVID-19 prescribed guidelines saying the disease was very serious which needed to be treated with the seriousness it deserved.

Meanwhile, Holy Trinity Parish Father Ephraim Mulenga Mapulanga has also called for unity and love among Christians and Zambians in general if the country was to continue on the path of peace.

And Fr. Mapulanga has advised political leaders in the country to guide their followers on how to conduct themselves in a civilized manner as campaigns for the August polls are set to be opened soon.

“My prayer is that we keep the peace that we have enjoyed as a country and continue moving in the same direction regardless of tribe, political or religious background.

When we start resorting to violence to address issues, then we would have removed the peace that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ commanded us to have and preserve,” Fr. Mapulanga added.



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