“I will serve the people of Chawama to the best of my abilities once given the mandate,” mrs Tasila Lungu Mwansa.


    PF Chawama Constituency Parliamentary Candidate Mrs Tasila Lungu Mwansa says she will deliver to the people of Chawama once given the mandate just as she delivered in Nkoloma ward during her tenure of office as Councillor.

    Mrs Mwansa said when she served as councillor, she ensured that a Mini Hospital was built in the ward. She further said she built a stadium and ensured roads were done. She further empowered women and Youth groups.

    Mrs Mwansa said this on the round table talk, a chatback show HOSTED by Nakiwe Simpungwe for Smart Eagles which also airs on Millennium TV, Channel 95 on Top Star and on YouTube.

    And Mrs Mwansa has indicted that she will prioritize education once voted into office on August 12.

    She indicated that she would ensure a secondary school is built in the area to add to the education infrastructure already in existence because she believes education is an equalizer and that every child must be accorded the opportunity at a sound education.

    She also pointed out women and Youth empowerment as an urgent cource of action which she would go flat out and implement.

    And asked how the campaigns are coming along especially with the banning of political rallies this year owing to the Covid 19, Mrs Mwansa said the door to door campaigns where actually more effective as they provide an opportunity for people to interact with the Candidate one on one.

    Meanwhile, Mrs Mwansa has urged young people to desist from being used as tools of political violence ahead of the elections in August.

    She said it is heartbreaking to see youths engaged in violent activities during campaigns because their leaders who they fight for actually sit and talk among themselves.

    She implored the youth to concentrate of things that secure them a bright future such as taking advantage of the empowerment programs which the PF government have been rolling out.

    She has also advised political players to stop the retrogressive vice of handing young people little ammounts of money and sending them to the battle ground when they can’t do that to their own children.



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