SAFADA to open agric center of Excellency.


The Small Scale Farmers Development Agency (SAFADA) will open its first planned Agriculture Center of Excellency in CHOMA district of Southern Province in October this year.

SAFADA Executive Director Boyd Moobwe says the centre will preliminary introduce agriculture science and technology courses for small scale farmers in the country.

In an interview with Smart Eagles, he says the centre will be run by SAFADA in conjunction with the University of South Africa Bohemia and the Organic Farm International supported by the Frangipani Farms Nutri-seed Limited in CHOMA district.

The Executive Director says this is an effort to embark on family farmer advancement in agriculture by impacting agriculture science knowledge and new sustainable farming practice to mitigate climate change and its impact on agriculture.

“The Agriculture Center of Excellency will be located at Frangipani Farms Limited in CHOMA district. The center will educate small scale farmers on best measures to be used to improve in their business of farming and understand agriculture science and technology and embark on diversity farming and value addition,” he says.

“SAFADA will work hand in hand with Government through the existing district agriculture training center and extension officers in Southern, Eastern and Central Provinces and the agriculture stakeholders in the country. The training courses and agriculture production will commerce in October 2021 and will be officially lunched in the same month.

The center will cost us not less than k1.5 million to refurbish the center and train small scale farmers. We appealing to the donor community, and the private sector to support this noble course,”.



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