Luapula water bodies to be re-stocked with fish-President Lungu


President Edgar Lungu says government has an ambitious fish restocking programme for Luapula province as well as other water bodies across the country.

The President is concerned that Zambia which was once fish sufficient, now has a deficit.

Speaking when he featured on Mansa’s KFM Radio to discuss wide ranging developmental issues, the head of state said government wants to ensure that water bodies are brought back to life in terms of fish stocks.

The President further said the African Development Bank funded programme aims to meet the high demand for fish in order to saturate the local market as well as export to the regional markets.

He said other priority areas in the programe is to boost fish fingering production in order to facilitate for successful fish restocking.

And regarding agriculture, President Lungu said Zambia has a huge potential to diversify and make farming viable both as a way of life and as a business.

“Am happy that agriculture development has improved in Zambia” he said and expressed confidence that Zambia’s food security is guaranteed.

“Food security is the best security because a hungry person is not productive” President Lungu observed and assured of serious investment in technology and agriculture development and pledged to continue subsidising the farmer input support programe (FISP) to increase agriculture productivity.

He however called for an audit of the programe in order to remove those that have been on the programe but have not migrated, in order to pave way for new entrants, as that is the only way of ensuring that the programe is made beneficially sustainable for everyone.

Meanwhile the President cautioned Zambians to be wary of the COVID-19 pandemic by adhering to all health guidelines in order to stop new infections.

He said Zambia like many other countries has not been spared both socially and economically from the pandemic’s devastating effects and collective responsibility is what is required to effectively address it.





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