… as he explains that they are various fundamentals that affect the performance of the economy.

Patriotic Front (PF) Media Director Antonio Mwanza says Zambians should not be cheated that the performance of an economy is tied to an individual.

Speaking when he featured on Sun FM radio in Ndola today, Mr. Mwanza urged Zambians not to believe claims by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema that the country’s economy will immediately improve and the Kwacha will appreciate if voted into office.

He explained that they are various fundamentals that affect the performance of the economy and the exchange rate.

Mr. Mwanza stated that the fundamentals that affect the exchange rate include the cost of commodity prices on the international market and the levels of export among other things

“When the price of fuel increases on the international market, there is nothing you can do in Zambia because we don’t produce fuel, and you have to add the cost of buying, cost of transportation, cost of security, cost of distribution …,”

“I heard a Politician saying Vote for me and the Kwacha will appreciate and Dollar Will depreciate within hours. Does that mean if he was to be elected, Zambia will increase its exports within hours,” Mr. Mwanza wondered.

And commenting on the price of cooking oil, the PF Media Director said the country’s 80% dependency on South Africa for the commodity has had a huge bearing on the prices in Zambia.

He disclosed that the South African Economy just like many other economies worldwide have been impacted by Covid 19 leading to an increase in prices of commodities

Mr. Mwanza has since advised citizens not to be cheated that the increase in commodity prices is in Zambia alone.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwanza has charged that some politicians are Pushing for political rallies so that the COVID-19 situation becomes worse in the country.

He explained that political rallies and other huge gatherings have proven to be super spreader of coronavirus as can be seen in countries worst hit by the pandemic.

“If we don’t control Covid-19, the economy will be shuttered. Churches will close, businesses will close, Schools will close,” he said.

He said it was therefore wise to ban political rallies so that the economy and the lives of the people can be saved.

“Let us remove politics when we dealing with Covid-19. There is no country in the world that is allowing huge gatherings,” he stated.



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