…. As hundreds of people follow his convoy wanting to interact with him.

PF Lunte parliamentary candidate Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya has continued to mobilize for votes in Lunte constituency with an emphasis for the people to turn out in large numbers to give the ruling party maximum votes.

And hundreds of people in Isenga Ward followed his convoy as he was conducting a road campaign and wanted to engage him but the former Transport and Communications Minister encouraged his followers to go to their respective houses because of COVID-19.

Hon Kafwaya informed the residents that this year’s campaigns are unique because of COVID-19 and that the ruling party has adopted door to door campaign strategy.

Hon Kafwaya, who was in the company of former Mafinga Member of Parliament Hon Jacob Siwale, started the day by engaging residents from Sambala, then went to Makofi village before going to Fitaba.

Hon Kafwaya and his campaign team then proceeded to Jonas Village and concluded the day at Mulusa village.

His team comprised of Lunte Campaign Manager Victor Bwalya, Lunte District Chairman Charles Kapembwa, Constituency Chairman Silvester Kaoma Maselino, Lunte PF Council Chairperson candidate George Chikwanda, Isenga Ward candidate Joseph Bwalya and other party officials.

He emphasized on the need for the people to ensure that they return President Edgar Lungu in office.

“I can see that the people here still want President Edgar Lungu to remain in office after the August polls.

This is because of development that his administration has brought here such as schools, health facilities, roads, agriculture and other projects.

Here at Zachariah Chanda, we are constructing a mini hospital to add to the already health facilities we have in this ward,” he said.

And when Hon Kafwaya met residents at Makofi village, area Headman Faustino Bwalya said Hon Kafwaya and the PF have scored high in terms of taking development closer to the people.

He said he was not ashamed to ask his people to vote for all PF candidates.

Earlier before going to campaign, Hon Kafwaya attended a funeral in Chief Shibwalya Kapila’s chiefdom.



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