UPND toying with covid-19, placing followers in harm’s way,Sunday Chanda.


It is not surprising to see UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema toying with COVID-19, Patriotic Front (PF) Kanchibiya Parliamentary candidate Sunday Chanda has said.

Mr Chanda said from onset, the UPND leader has been a COVID-19 denialist.

He said “Even the UPND manifesto launch was full of COVID-19 denialist.

He said the UPND believes COVID 19 is a hoax.

Mr Chanda said according to the Ministry of Health, just yesterday, 6th June 2021, Zambia crossed the 100,000 mark for cumulatively confirmed COVID-9 cases. The country has witnessed an increase in the number of deaths with the third wave, we are now also seeing an increase in the number of deaths.

In the past 1 week we have been losing on average 5 people per day. Behind these statistics are brothers and sisters, family members representing diverse backgrounds,”.

Mr Chanda said “Responsible political leadership therefore calls for maximum responsibility as the nation battles with the current pandemic.

He said It is therefore worrying that Mr Hichilema considers it a heroic act whenever he defies all health regulations and expert advice on COVID-19.

The Parliamentary candidate said unfortunately even as the police seeks to bring about public order by preventing COVID-19 superspreaders such as roadshows and rallies, the UPND leader is constantly toying with COVID-19 AND spreading cheap propaganda and falsehoods.

Mr Chanda said it is sad that Mr Hichilema continues to make outrageous assassination claims.

“The UPND now alleges that the Zambia police planned on shooting him while on the Copperbelt Province, a claim the Inspector General has rubbished,” he said.

Mr Chanda said this is not the first time Mr Hichilema is making such outrageous claims.

Zambians, he said, will recall appearing on BBC’s HardTalk with Stephen Suckur, Mr Hichilema claimed that His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu wanted to kill him. It took Mr Suckur to call him out on his lies. Such careless remarks from the Opposition leader must be frowned upon by all Zambians, both young and old, including the international community.

Mr Chanda said “Such careless and cheap propaganda must be rejected by all well-meaning Zambians. Citizens of goodwill must remind Mr Hichilema that misplaced and careless inflammatory statements could plunge society into chaos. That is not how an opposition party wins an election at all.

He said Mr Hichilema needs to be advised that COVID-19 has no boundaries.

“We ask him to care enough for his followers.Lastly, Mr Hichilema must come out clear to condemn electoral violence being perpetuated by his supporters,” he said.

Mr Chanda said footage of cadres in his convoy releasing a catapult in the direction of police officers on the Copperbelt Province must receive the strongest condemnation by all citizens and stakeholders.



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