PF Kanchibiya Constituency Parliamentary candidate Sunday Chilufya Chanda has called on the Road Development Agency (RDA) to expedite signing of contracts for rehabilitation and construction works on Mpika – Kopa road up to Munikashi; Mbati to Chinkobo; Aluni and Kaonda Acrow bridges.

    Mr Chanda who commended Tomorrow Investments’ standard of works on the Chalabesa-Kabinga road and has further called on RDA to engage serious contractors unlike those in the habit of abandoning works as was the case with Aluni and Kaonda acrow bridges.

    Mr Chanda said President Edgar Lungu has repeatedly insisted on quality works and as such the people of Kanchibiya District will not accept any substandard works by any contractor.

    “Our people will monitor the pace and quality of these projects. Gone are the days for passivity on their behalf.

    He said any contractor coming to Kanchibiya District must be ready to perform to acceptable standards and that the people of Kanchibiya District deserve better.

    “That is the reason I am calling on RDA to expedite contracts with credible contractors.

    The people are happy with the quality of works by Tomorrow investments on Chalabesa-Kabinga road but the see the works on Nchubula Road from Chalabesa through to Mulonga up to Kopa, that’s a scandal and we will closely monitor that stretch firstly as locals and secondly once people have elected me to office on 12th August 2021”, Mr Chanda said.

    “President Lungu wants every coin paid towards these public projects to count – so welcome to tracking of the people’s resources on all these projects.

    Kanchibiya being a new District will not sit idle while briefcase contractors continue with shoddy works. We expect nothing but quality works”, he stated.

    ” RDA is therefore called upon to expedite works on Mpika-Kopa road, Mbati – Chinkobo Road, Aluni and Kaonda bridges.

    Residents of Kanchibiya are not interested in the bureaucracies around awarding of tenders, signing of contracts and releasing of funds, all they want is action on the ground – contractors mobilising and starting to work.

    “No one looks forward to driving on the Mpika – Kopa road, Mbati – Chinkobo roads, Chalabesa, Mulonga – Kopa road.

    No one looks forward to crossing the Aluni Kanchibiya bridge. No one is happy with the lack of progress on the Kaonda bridge. As a stakeholder, RDA Muchinga must give an update on these projects.

    Soon we’ll be inviting Mr Andrew Chellah, Special Assistant to the President for Project to visit these roads and bridges, maybe that when we’ll see a movement”, Mr Chanda said.

    Meanwhile, Kanchibiya residents have commended President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for adopting the people’s choice, Sunday Chilufya Chanda as PF Kanchibiya Constituency Parliamentary Candidate and Ms. Kanungwe Chota Kanyanyamina as Kanchibiya District Council Chairperson.

    Speaking on behalf of residents Nshindano village headman Seferino Makumba Said Sunday Chilufya Chanda has been implementing alot of developmental projects in kanchibiya constituency over the years.

    He said as seen by his works in supplementing Government’s efforts in Kanchibiya District, Mr. Chanda has built schools, clinics, teachers houses among others.

    “President Lungu will have a dependable Member of Parliament in Mr. Chanda as he is a household name, a man of action who is ready to work for the people of Kanchibiya, we have no doubt that he has a heart for the people, as we have seen the projects he has brought in the Constituency even before being elected to office” he said.

    Further, Mr. Chanda has promised Kanchibiya residents electricity and said rural electrification was at the heart of the PF 2021 – 2026 manifesto.

    Mr. Chanda said he will ensure that he works with the Rural Electrification Althorities REA and ZESCO, adding that, once rural areas are supplied with electricity, the levels of development will be fast tracked.

    ” Electricity plays a big role in attaining development and I will ensure that you are supplied with electricity looking at what Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungus plans” Mr Chanda said.

    He also urged kanchibiya residents to rally behind President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Prof. Nkandu Luo his running mate on 12th August 2021 if development is to continue.



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