…..says the passing of Dr. Kaunda is a blow to the country as he continued to provide the much-needed fatherly advice to the nation.

    The Non-Governmental Gender Organizations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has described the death of Zambia’s founding father Dr Kenneth Kaunda as a blow to the country as he continued to provide the much-needed fatherly advice to the nation.

    NGOCC Board Chairperson Mary Mulenga says Dr. Kenneth Kaunda will be remembered for his selfless leadership during the liberation struggle and ushering Zambia to its freedom from colonialism.

    “The Non-governmental Gender Organizations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) joins the rest of country and indeed Africa, in mourning the death of our founding Republican President His Excellency Dr. Kenneth D. Kaunda who died on Thursday, 17th June 2021 at Maina Soko Military Hospital in Lusaka,” she said.

    “The passing of Dr. Kaunda at this critical moment is indeed a blow to the country as he continued to provide the much-needed fatherly advice to the nation.”

    In a statement issued to the media, Mrs Mulenga said Dr Kaunda was the torch bearer and wisdom behind a number of Southern Africa’s liberation efforts which saw the emancipation of some of Zambia’s neighboring countries and beyond.

    She further explained that it is this freedom from the shackles of colonial rule that contributed largely to the mobilization and organizing of the women’s movement that has accorded women a place at the decision-making table.

    “As the women’s movement, we will forever remain grateful to Dr Kaunda’s firm and decisive leadership on many aspects during his reign,” she added.

    Mrs Mulenga said Dr. Kaunda and his peers preached love, unity and indeed solidarity.

    She said the nation has a duty to keep the aspirations and wishes of the Zambia’s founding fathers.

    “As the country mourns this great icon and passionate son of Africa, it our appeal that we honour him by ensuring that we live by the dictates and aspirations of the founding father,” she said.

    “It is against this background that we join the other progressive voices in condemning the recent political violence that has characterized the campaigns ahead of the 12th August 2021 General Elections.”

    Meanwhile, Mrs Mulenga said it is saddening to see youths engage in fierce violent acts which in the recent past have even resulted in loss of young productive lives and destruction of property.

    “The NGOCC network, once again reiterates its call to upholding the spirit of One Zambia, One Nation Which Dr. Kaunda championed.

    Zambia is our motherland and as long as we remain citizens of this great nation, we owe it to ourselves to ensure equal and inclusive participation of everyone in politics,” she said.

    “There should be no place for perpetrators of violence and it is the duty of every woman, man, and the youth to safeguard the peace that Zambia has so far maintained.”



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