DR Kaunda will be missed says Dr Mahtani


    Dr Rajan Mahtani has eulogized Dr Kenneth Kaunda who died on Thursday as a selfless, inspirational, an exemplary statesman and God-fearing leader who had dedicated his entire life serving mankind.

    Dr Mahtani of Mahtani Group of Companies says his family is deeply saddened by the death of Dr Kaunda, Zambia’s first President.

    He said in a statement that Dr Kaunda was Zambia’s independence hero with whom the Mahtani family had enjoyed long-term friendship.

    He recalled that the late Lekhraj Mahtani, who was a councilor in Ndola at the time collaborated and supported Dr Kaunda’s fight for independence. He said Dr Kaunda suffered many allegations which were often proved false.

    Dr Mahtani said Dr Kaunda stood for integrity and lived a simple and exemplary life through the grace of God.

    He has expressed its deepest condolences to Dr Kaunda’s family and the Zambian people on the demise of the father of the nation and the African Union (AU).

    Dr Mahtani stated that no one could equal or even rival Dr Kaunda who was a principled leader who religiously propagated the message of all men being equal before God.

    “The Mahtani family is saddened and expresses deepest condolences to Kenneth Kaunda’s family, friends and indeed Zambians on the demise of the father of the nation and the African Union. He enjoys a well-deserved rest and watches us from a place reserved for him.

    None can equal or rival his principled exemplary life, his faith, selflessness, love for mankind, his sacrificial life whether as a guitarist, pianist, singer, writer, footballer, poet, dancer, or a family man,” Dr Mahtani said.

    Dr Mahtani stated that Dr Kaunda was a man who haboured no bitterness, wrath, anger or spoke evil of against anyone because the former president lived a life devoid of malice.

    He said Dr Kaunda had left a legacy which Zambians should continue to emulate and live up to… the ideals which were anchored on Pan-Africanism and unity.

    Dr Mahtani said Dr Kaunda was never content with Zambia being free unless the rest of Southern Africa was liberated hence his dedication to liberation of the region.

    “We continue to espouse the motto; “One Zambia One Nation,” Dr Mahtani said.


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