ZESCO creates interconnecting lines to realize the goal of being the hub of electricity in the region


ZESCO creates interconnecting lines to realize the goal of being the hub of electricity in the region

The power utility company spokesperson Henry Kapata said in a special interview with Smart Eagles yesterday that ZESCO has made tremendous progress in the projects that will enable realise the said cause.

And ZESCO Senior Public Relations Officer Mrs Ntalasha Mutale Yulu disclosed that the company will achieve the said goal through various interconnecting lines among which is the line called ZIZABONA.

“To achieve this, we also have to connect interconnecting lines. So what ZESCO is doing is that it is connecting lines from the Zambian side and other countries are also interconnecting lines to their sides,” she explained.

“We have what we call the ZIZABONA that is Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia. This is an interconnecting line. It will run from Zambia through all these other countries. The other line is called Solwezi Kolwezi…we will be creating another line which will run from Zambia Solwezi into a town called Kolwezi in Congo. We have the ZTK.

ZTK stands for Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya. So we have another connecting line which is going to run from the Northern part of Zambia into Tanzania into Kenya. We also have the Zambia Malawi line.”

Mrs Yulu said the interconnecting lines enable the power utility company to trade electricity to other companies.

“So you see, for us to be able to be the hub of electricity in the region we are creating these interconnecting lines so that we make it easy for us to be able to trade to other countries.

When we increase generation capacity, these lines will also be ready to increase the receiving capacity to be able to receive this generation capacity and also take this power into other countries so that we can easy up trade,” she said.

And Mr kapata said ZESCO is utilising other sources of electricity such as Solar to reduce overreliance on Hydro.

“In parts of the country that are prone to drought, ZESCO has put up some solar projects so that we balance up with those other provinces that are not prone to drought. And so we have all these projects in the pipeline,” he said.

“In Siavonga, there should be a plant there. Obviously things are going well, we will be able to put up some 300Mega Watts, Chibombo and Chirundu….all those are Solar Projects with some big partners.”

He added that the company will increase power generation to ensure there is sustainability in the accessibility of electricity by the general public.



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