Patriotic Front Chibombo district incoming Council Chairperson Charity Kapona writes…



Spare a thought for our President

This evening I came back home from the campaign trail and sat at my desk to make a performance evaluation of the past week, I noticed that my week had been one that has been filled with pain and sorrow because every day that passed brought with it a message of a passing of a loved one.

This made me a sorrowful person.

As I thought of the week ahead and what my expectations are, something crossed my mind, if I could feel this intense Sorrow and pressure what of our Beloved President?

No leader could find pleasure at the loss, suffering and sorrow of the people he presides upon. We are losing prominent, Reliable and Loved ones every day. This is surely hurting our beloved President so much.

Dear elders, Colleagues,Brothers and sisters, as we pray for God’s protection, let us remember to pray for our Beloved President Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the Country as a whole.

May God See us through…

*Charity Mpundu Kapona*

Incoming Chibombo District council Charperson.


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