…. They only resurface during campaigns and afterwards, they disappear says Lunte District Chairman.

Lunte District Patriotic Front Chairman Charles Kapembwa has described the opposition as ‘utumana mainsa’ saying they only resurface during campaigns and afterwards disappear.

Mr. Kapembwa says the ruling party always remember their people hence the need to encourage and support them.

He says the PF is loved in the district and that should be proved in the ballot box.

Mr. Kapembwa said this in Kanyanta Ward in Lunte District when the Lunte Campaign team conducted door to door campaigns by visiting Kuta, Kauma Chibuta, Koni, Kasonso, Ching’ambo, Teleka, Kapasa Kabula, Mulila villages.

“What I am trying to say is that during campaigns, we always have a lot of political parties who mean nothing but just want positions.

 Even here we have candidates standing on political parties such as UPND others are independent, but after losing the elections, they will disappear.

But what is important is that the PF will still be here to address all your issues,” he said.

And Lunte District Campaign Manager Victor Bwalya said the PF government has managed to address most of the issues that were affecting the people in areas such as education, health, telecommunication, Agriculture and infrastructure.

Lunte Constituency Chairman Silvester Kaoma Maselino, Lunte PF Council Chairperson candidate George Chikwanda, Kanyanta ward candidate Annie Musonda and Silvester Chibeti were also present during the door to door.

Mr. Chibeti, who applied to stand as Lunte Council Chairperson on the PF ticket, emphasized the need for the people to continue supporting the PF government saying it is determined to do wonders in Zambia.



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