… They should now understand that they are a ‘failed project’

Lunte District Chairman Charles Kapembwa says the people of Lunte should shame the opposition by giving them no single vote during the August 12 general elections.

Mr. Kapembwa says the opposition should now know that they are a failed project.

Speaking during the door to door campaigns in Bwandela ward today, Mr. Kapembwa specifically said the opposition UPND has been failing five times saying this year, they will fail for a sixth time.

“We should shame the opposition and independent candidates and other by giving them zero votes here in Lunte.

They should learn a lesson! And for us to give them a clear picture, we should give them zero votes in August.

The only reliable political party in Zambia is the ruling PF and hence the need to support the leadership of President Edgar Lungu,” he said.

And Lunte Campaign Manager Victor Bwalya said all opposition and independent candidates standing in Lunte will fail terribly because the people appreciates the efforts by the PF government.

Meanwhile, Lunte PF Council Chairperson candidate George Chikwanda denounced Chief Chitoshi for telling the people to vote for him and an independent candidate Justin Chongo saying he is supporting PF candidates.

“Let me be clear here.

I have been adopted to stand on the PF ticket and am not working with the independent candidate and Chief Chitoshi who has been misleading you that we should not vote for Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya.

So I encourage you to vote as a chain starting from President Lungu, Hon Kafwaya, myself and all the Councillors,” he said.



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