111 General Manager Mr Martin Chaikatisha applauds frontliners for their dedication amidst the pandemic.

    Neria’s Investments Limited has made a donation of various COVID-19 preventive materials and medical supplies worth 500,000 Kwacha to the Zambia Medical Association.

    The items include 2500 N95 masks,200 boxes of gloves,400 oximeter,160 glucometer and 9250 glucose sticks.

    When he made the donation, Neria’s Investments General Manager Mr Martin Chaikatisha acknowledged the medical personnel’s dedication and sacrifice as frontliners amidst the current public health emergency.

    “I would like to say thank you to you all our courageous doctors, nurses, first responders, cleaning staff and so many of others who find themselves on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic” Mr Chaikatisha said.

    He noted that the donation will enhance the response to the pandemic as the diagnostic tools such as the glucometer and oximeters will help in effective monitoring of vital key signs in patients such as oxygen levels among others.

    “By supporting the doctors with these lifesaving tools, we are hopeful that this will help them with decision making that will serve lives” he observed and further implored the frontliners to continue helping and serving people’s lives.

    And when he received the donation, Zambia Medical Association Secretary General Dr Masiku Phiri appreciated the donation and implored the citizenry to continue to religiously abide by the set preventive measures.

    He noted with concern that the pandemic has continued to ravage the country leaving destruction, pain and a trail of death in its path with a cumulative mortality of 2000 sadly attributed to the pandemic.

    “This number includes medical doctors whom studies have shown are three times more likely to contract COVID-19 compared to the general population and seven times more likely to develop severe disease due to their occupational setting that leave them vulnerable” he observed.

    He has further called on the private sector to support medical doctors who are afflicted by the pandemic.



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