…. When President Lungu is sworn in after next month’s general elections, Zambians should also expect stability says former Transport and Communications Minister.

Former Transport and Communications Minister Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya says Zambians should expect continuity and stability from President Edgar Lungu after next month’s general elections.

Hon Kafwaya, who is also Lunte PF Parliamentary candidate, says President Lungu is different from other presidential candidates saying he is not selfish.

Speaking when he featured on ECL – Alebwelelapo programme on Sun FM/Sun TV in Ndola, Hon Kafwaya said this is the more reason why Zambians should vote for President Lungu because his focus is development and transformation.

“When you compare the presidential candidates for next month’s general elections, the only credible leader you can trust is President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

President Lungu is not like other presidential candidates that want to even sale the presidential jet that belongs to the Zambia Air Force (ZAF), such leaders cannot be trusted.

They took part in the privatization of assets and we have people who have suffered terribly because of that process,” he said.

“I also want to state clearly here that President Lungu has capacity to sustain the mines.

We have leaders who even claimed that Zambians have no capacity to run the mines, because they don’t believe in Zambians.

President Lungu has created jobs in the transport sector because the mines have been sustained.

This is the leader that Zambians want.”

He stated that the Head of State requires the support of all Zambians because he has shown his commitment to developing and transforming the country.

And responding to a caller from Luanshya who wanted to know the progress made on improving telecommunication services in Zambia, Hon Kafwaya said Zambians should thank President Lungu as he has delivered 1009 communication towers across the country.

He said it is not a secret that telecommunication services were poor in Zambia and that the PF government under President Lungu has done well in terms of improving this important sector.



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