… they say winning the Covid-19 fight needs collective efforts

    Various artists have encoured President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s call in the fight against Covid-19.

    The artists who Include Mirriam Mukape, popularly known as Mampi, Mulazha Kaira also known as Macky 2, Felix Phiri and Dandy crazy among others have since embarked on a Covid-19 senstization program on the Copperbelt Province.

    Speaking during a Special Programme on ZNBC Radio 2, the artists said the fight against Covid-19 requires concerted efforts from all stakeholders.

    They added that the advent of Covid-19 has negatively impacted life in general and how business is conducted, hence the need to come together and champion it.

    The artists noted that they have decided to take up the social responsibility in fighting the pandemic, because their voices play an important role in entertaining and educating the masses.

    “Its never too late to embark on the senstization program because people are still dying from Covid-19 in huge numbers,” they said.

    “We have observed that people have relaxed in adhering to the set guidelines, and this is the more reason we have decided to go out and educate the people on how to protect themselves from the disease as well as give them face masks and hand sanitizer,”.

    They added that the aim of the program is to work with the citizens on one on one basis and ensure that the fight against Covid-19 is won.

    They have since advised politicians that are politicising the Covid-19 fight program to refrain from doing so, stating that winning this fight needs collective efforts.

    “We are calling upon each and every politician to take the Covid-19 fight as a personal responsibility by adhering to the set guidelines even when conducting door to door campaigns,” they stated.

    The musicians further said the program will be rolled out to other Province’s in the country.

    They have so far distributed facemask and hand sanitizers to hundreds of people in Kitwe on Copperbelt.



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