That is the message we got from President Lungu says Lunte PF District Campaign Manager.

President Edgar Lungu has directed all of us to conduct peaceful campaigns and we are doing exactly that, says Lunte District PF Campaign Manager Victor Bwalya.

Mr. Bwalya says the ruling Patriotic Front does not believe in politics of violence but that it is explaining to the people what it has done and what it will do in the next five years after winning next month’s general elections.

Mr. Bwalya said this during door to door campaigns in Malambwa and Isenga wards today.

“All political parties are campaigning for three months, but the day of voting is one.

All these political parties coming here and influence more especially the youths will disappear after the election, but all of us here will remain.

What will it benefit you to injure your brother in the name of politics? This is why President Lungu told us to conduct violence free campaigns as the PF,” he said.

“What is surprising is that we have for the first time after independence witnessing political violence and the perpetrators are well know.

It’s the UPND through Chasaya (UPND Lunte parliamentary candidate) and all of us are shocked because we have always lived as brothers and sisters. So let’s reject such kind of politics because it will take us nowhere.”

And Lunte District Chairman Charles Kapembwa said the ruling party has not time to waste and engage in political violence.

He said the ruling party has done well in terms of transforming the new district within a short period of time.

Others who were present include Lunte PF Council Chairperson candidate George Chikwanda, Lunte Constituency Chairman Silvester Kaoma Maselino, Silvester Chibeti (who was not adopted as PF Council Chairperson candidate) ward councillors among other party officials.

The villages visited included Kasongo, Kaonda, Edmond, Kambi and Masembele.



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